3rd international Franz Cibulka Competition


10th – 13th OCTOBER 2021 Graz Austria


  • 1st: Prinz Theresia (Austria)
  • 2nd: Henter Nicole (Hungary)
  • 3rd: Prem Theresa (Austria)



  • Henter Nicole (Hungary)
  • Prem Theresa (Austria)
  • Prinz Theresia (Austria)
  • Sakata Yui (Japan)

The International Franz Cibulka Music Competition is meant to spread the compositions of the Styrian composer Franz Cibulka (1946-2016) and support musicians who strive for an international career.
The competition, which is supposed to alternately focus on solo and chamber music interpretations of Franz Cibulka’s compositions over the years, was announced for the very first time in 2018 and in chamber music the following year – each with different solo instruments and ensemble casts.


Franz Cibulka:
Flutecarin – Concertino for flute (flute, alto flute, piccolo) and wind orchestra (2005)

The compulsory piece needs to be performed in the first round as well as in the final.


All musicians born in 1990 or later are allowed to enter the competition.


The following documents need to be sent, by post or via email (cibulka-competition@stmk.gv.at), to the Johann-Joseph-Fux-Conservatorium of Styria, Entenplatz 1b, 8020 Graz and must be  received by 1st June 2021 at the latest:

  1. Registration form
  2. Photo (at least 300 dpi) for the programme
  3. Musical CV (musical training, results, orchestra experience) in the form of a continuous text with a maximum length of 1600 (without blank spaces)
  4. Reference letter from a well-known musician or professor
  5. Uncut recording (piece can be freely chosen, accompaniment optional) COMMENT: If the recording is an audio file, a video (e.g.: YouTube) needs to be added.
  6. Confirmation of entrance fee payment

Attention: Musical CV and letter of recommendation will only be accepted in German.

The confirmation of admission as well as the audition dates will be announced on 15th July 2021 at the latest.


The entrance fee is 110 € and needs to be paid into the following account by 1st June 2021:
Steirischer Blasmusikverband (IBAN: AT40 3800 0000 0448 8011, BIC: RZSTAT2G).

As soon as the confirmation of admission has been received, payment cannot be refunded in case of the candidate’s inability to appear or his/her refusal. However, the payment will be refunded if the competition committee rejects the candidate’s participation.


The competition will take place from 10th – 13th October 2021 in Graz.

The first round with piano accompaniment, in which the compulsory piece needs to be performed, takes place on 10th and 11th October 2021 in the Fux-Hall of the Johann-Joseph-Fux-Konservatorium, Nikolaigasse 2, 8020 Graz. If required, an accompanist will be present, who is available for a rehearsal in advance.

The final, in which the best four candidates will perform their compulsory piece with orchestral accompaniment, and the following award ceremony, will take place on 13th October 2021 at 7 p.m. in Stefaniensaal, Sparkassenplatz 1, 8010 Graz. Not only the first round but also the final with be open for visitors.

The finalists will get the chance to rehearse with the competition orchestra (Styrian Youth Brass-Band Music Orchestra) on 12th October 2021.


Béla Drahos
(Hungarian flautist and conductor, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music)

Dieter Flury
(Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, University of music and performing arts Graz)

Matej Grahek
(Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra)

Stefan Tomaschitz
(Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, University of music and performing arts Vienna)

Salvador Martínez Tos
(Orchestra of Valencia, Reina Sofia School of Music in Madrid)

Helmut Schmid
(Tyrolean Musical Director)


1st Prize € 5,000
2nd Prize € 3,000
3rd Prize € 2,000

The prize money will be provided by the Styrian State Government and ceremoniously handed over by one of its representatives.
Additionally, the prizewinner will receive the Franz-Cibulka-Medal as a special award.



Responsible body of the “International Fran Cibulka Music Competition”:

Sabrina Csrnko MA MA
(Music schools Murau and Liezen)

Univ. Prof. Mag. Bertram Egger
(University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz)

MDir. MMag. Dr. Wolfgang Jud
(Music school Bärnbach, Johann-Joseph-Fux-Conservatorium)

Domenik Kainzinger-Webern
(Styrian Brass Band Association)

Dir. Mag. Eduard Lanner

Eva und Michael Cibulka


Dir.Mag. Eduard Lanner
Department of the Styrian State Government
Department 6 Education and Society
8020 Graz, Entenplatz 1b

Tel.: 0316/877-6170, 0676/8666-0298
E-Mail: cibulka-competition@stmk.gv.at

Queries regarding the invitation will only be answered via email

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Franz Cibulka