Registration for the 3rd international Franz Cibulka Competition

Accompanist needed*
Account information for repayment in case of non-admission:
  • By registering for the competition, I accept the participation and competition rules as well as the decision of the jury as binding. The right to legal action is excluded.
  • With my registration I confirm that, after successful admission, I will take part in the competition. In case of the candidate‚Äôs inability to appear or his/her refusal, payment will not be refunded.
  • I agree to the unrestricted usage of the photo-, audio- and video material that is produced during the competition. I irrevocably renounce all rights in connection with this.

The following documents need to be sent, by post or via email (, to the Johann-Joseph-Fux-Conservatory of Styria, Entenplatz 1b, 8020 Graz and must be received by 1st June 2021 at the latest:

  • Photo (at least 300 dpi) for the programme
  • Musical CV (musical training, results, orchestra experience) in the form of a continuous text with a maximum length of 1600 (without blank spaces)
  • Reference letter from a well-known musician or professor
  • Uncut recording (piece can be freely chosen, accompaniment optional)
    • COMMENT: If the recording is an audio file, a video (e.g.: YouTube) needs to be added.
  • Confirmation of entrance fee payment

Musical CV and letter of recommendation will only be accepted in German or English.

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